Sunday, December 31, 2017

Zip Lining

One of the things the kids were most excited to do on the trip was zip lining. So we saved it for the last day on Megan's birthday. It was awesome! We got to do six different lines that stretched through the trees and over the river. All the kids loved it and we were sad when it was over. Our guides sang happy birthday to Megan on the last line. She was thrilled!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Megan's Birthday

Because we were gone over Megan's birthday, she got to celebrate over several days. First was the ear piercing at the beginning of the trip. Next was dinner the night before her birthday (she chose the restaurant--ramen) and cake and ice cream. On the morning of her birthday, we opened presents before we packed up and then headed out to our activity for the day: zip lining. I'll have pictures from that in my next post. Right now I want to write about Megan. Megan is a sweetheart. She loves giving hugs and kisses and she loves to help. She's a great friend and is always looking out for those who don't have a friend. She likes to draw and color, do craft projects with her friends, play with baby dolls, have late nights with her friends, add to her collection of stuffed animals, and do gymnastics. Gymnastics is by far her favorite thing and she's good at it too. She's very determined and will practice whatever it is she's working at until she gets it right. Megan wants to do what is right and has a tender heart. We love her and love what she adds to our family.  

Swimming at the Lake

From the bungee jumping bridge, we drove up the road to "Hippie Lake" to go swimming. The people who worked at the bungee jumping place told us about it. But, when we got there we decided it was a little too hippie for us. So, we found another lake and went swimming. It took me a little bit longer than everyone else to jump in (the water was FREEZING!), but I summoned the courage and was so glad I did. We had a great time!

Bungee Jumping

When Nate's boss found out we were going to Whistler, he mentioned something about a great bungee jumping place there. So, after spending the first part of the trip trying to get a deal closed for work, when it did close, we decided to celebrate. Nate has wanted to try bungee jumping since he was a little kid and what better place to do it? The kids all thought they wanted to try it too, but I told them Nate was the only one who was going to be doing any jumping that day (I was already a little nervous about him, I didn't need anyone else doing it--plus, it was a little pricey). Nate asked me if I wanted to do it too. Uh, no. You couldn't pay me to jump off the ledge! He loved it though! He was a little nervous (or a lot nervous), and he screamed like a little girl (we have video), but he loved it. Nate does so much for our family. I was glad he got to do something he wanted to do on our trip.