Monday, June 12, 2017


In May, Nate went to one of the last playoff games with his dad, we had a birthday dinner for my dad with his friend Dana, we had a pioneer trek activity where Laura and Josh participated in the pie eating contest, Megan had her "Lemonade" play at school, the kids spent some time in the hammock and with their friends, I had a Mother's Day breakfast (followed by shopping) with my sisters (it was the first time we had all been together for Mother's Day breakfast for as long as I can remember and was a lot of fun), and Josh unfortunately cut his finger pretty badly on a pocket knife when he and his friends were trying to fix one of the fidgets they've been selling. It needed stitches, but Josh was so brave about the whole thing!

Megan's Gymnastics Performance

Megan had a gymnastics performance at the beginning of May. She was so excited about it! She told all of her grandparents about it weeks before and made sure they had it on their calendar. She did a great job! It's fun to see what a great gymnast she's becoming.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Laura's Temple Trip

The Friday after Laura's birthday, we took her to the Salt Lake Temple to do baptisms for the dead with Nate's family. We wanted to go when Kent was working there like we did when we took Lia for the first time. It was a great morning! Janet and Kent were there along with Ashley, Luann and Jan. Laura and Nate found some family names to take so everyone who wanted to was able to do baptisms. I was so grateful to have both Lia and Laura there and for Nate for helping with the family history and making sure everything went smoothly there. I was also grateful that Kent is still serving there to greet us when we arrived. I hope Laura felt the spirit and the peace that comes from serving in the temple. I know I did. I also, like last time, felt the strength that comes from the support of family as we work together to fulfill Heavenly Father's plan. I love my family and I love the temple. I love the experiences that are different with every child as they grow and progress in the gospel. 

Laura's 12th Birthday

We celebrated Laura's birthday at the beginning of May. She was so excited to turn 12! She asked for a "beddys" that she's really excited about it and she is thrilled to be in young women's now. I got to go to lunch with her that day, her friends surprised her with balloons and treats at school, she had a visit from her grandma and grandpa, and that weekend we went to the temple (which I will write about in the next post) and had a party with her friends. Laura has grown up so much in the last year! Not only is she taller and looks so much more grown up, but she has matured in other ways too. I know I can ask her to do anything and she will do it (and I do...more than I'm sure she would like). She is a great helper and a great sister to Lia, Laura and Josh. I know I can count on her for anything and I'm grateful for her commitment to our family. She loves being with her cousins (big and little) and with her friends. She plays the piano beautifully and is doing really well playing soccer. I'm excited to see what great things she will continue to do in the future. We love Laura!

Friday, May 26, 2017

End of April

Megan finished reading her Book of Mormon reader and started on a new one. She also had crazy hair day at school, which she did herself. Josh spent a lot of time hanging out with his friends and finding new ways to get around. I went to Thanksgiving Point with the relief society (there were only 5 of us, which was awesome given that I planned it--but we did get to rent a golf cart because there were so few of us). I went on a field trip with Megan's class to the Bean Museum at BYU. Nate went camping with the Deacons and had a great time (he even got to watch the Jazz game out in the middle of the desert thanks to a guy in our ward with a generator and a TV in his trailer). Lia and Laura had lots of soccer games (as they get older, they are more and more fun to watch) and Josh started getting the hang of Lacrosse. He is also a lot of fun to watch. And finally, we had a great time watching the Jazz in the playoffs. For the first time since we've been married, I was sad when the playoffs were over.