Monday, September 18, 2017

Middle of June

Cam and Sarah and their family came to stay with us in June while they started the process of looking for a house. They are back in Utah and we couldn't be happier! It was fun to have them with us for a week or so. Megan loved having Lucy and Nora to play with all day and we all loved having Patrick around. During that time, Lia left for AFY (Adventures For Youth) in Rexburg. Before she left, she wrote notes to everyone. I loved finding them by everyone's beds as I cleaned up the morning she left. Lia is always very thoughtful like that. We missed her a lot while she was gone. During that week, Nate had a work dinner that reminded him again how grateful he is for his job and the good things his company does, Megan and Laura did some crafts, and we played at the pond and the pool. When Lia got home, we spent the weekend with family--with my sisters and dad at the park and with Nate's family for Sunday dinner (the picture with Austin and Isaac is them trying to wake Josh up in the car so he could go in and play with them). 

Tibble Fork Reservoir

We got kayaks for Christmas and the kids were really excited to try them out. Tibble Fork Reservoir was our favorite place to take them this summer.

More in June

Lia had her name added to the plaque of young women in our ward that have earned their Young Womanhood Recognition Award. We are so proud of her for earning hers! Also, Megan and I went shopping with my mom to find her baptism dress. She tried on dozens of dresses (and had a great time in the process) and found the perfect one. Next, Nate went mountain biking with the young men. He loves mountain biking now, almost as much as skiing--which is saying something. And lastly, we joined the slime craze by making it just about everyday with the neighbors. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Nate had the opportunity to go to Brazil on a work trip at the beginning of June. He was asked by one of his Brazilian coworkers to go with him to meet with some of their Brazilian investors in Sao Paulo, knowing he speaks Portuguese and served his mission there. He didn't go to Bahia where he served, but even just being back in Brazil was so, so great. He met up with some of his companions that live in Sao Paulo while he was there. His mission president, President Silva, is the temple president of the Sao Paulo temple, but he happened to be in the states the week Nate was there. But, he was so happy to see his companions and to be back in Brazil. It had been almost 20 year since he'd been there. I really wanted to go with him, but we decided I'll go next time when we have more time, when his mission president is there, and when we can go to Bahia where he served. Every time I talked to him or Facetimed him, I couldn't believe how happy he was. The time he spent in Brazil was and is still so special to him and he was thrilled to have even a little taste of it again and to reminisce with some of the missionaries he served with. I am so, so glad he got to go. (The last two pictures are the treats and souvenirs he brought back for us.)