Saturday, July 22, 2017

End of May

The end of May always brings a lot of school and other activities. This year we started with the 6th grade awards ceremony. Laura earned the Falcon Award, which took a lot of hard work on her part, and received a thank you for serving on student council. Laura also got to present a scholarship to a Lone Peak student at the Lone Peak High School's awards ceremony. The awards ceremonies were followed by Josh's 4th grade Utah program and his pinewood derby. He was so cute singing in the program and did great on his speaking part (and looked good in his great grandpa's hat and belt). He also did a great job designing and painting his car. He's a good sport even when he doesn't win year after year. Next, I wanted to remember a couple of Laura's school projects that are a little too big to save so we took pictures. And lastly, I had to document the beautiful breakfast Nate made me. It was supposed to be for Mother's Day, but we saved it for a week or two later when we hadn't been up all night the night before hiking in the dark.

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